Welcome to our Volunteer Curator Test. This test seeks to gauge your tastes relative to our other volunteers and our team here at Button. Follow your heart, there are no wrong answers!

We will review results on a rolling basis, so there may be days/weeks between your test submission and the delivery of your results.


Below are 15 videos that we would like you to watch and review.

Please watch at least half of each video before assigning it a score based on the criteria below. Each Clip has a two short answer sections, "Scoring" and "Additional Notes". "Scoring" is a non-optional text box wherein you must enter a number score between 0.0 and 10.0 (using the Criteria listed below). "Additional Notes" is an optional short answer. Please use this optional text box to explain your thought process or highlight notes about these poems that may not be captured in a number score.

Remember, you are reviewing strictly for CONTENT of the poem, not quality of recording. None of these pieces have been edited yet so do not base your scores on Audio/Visual quality.

Note that the approximate ranges presented below are guidelines, not hard rules. This is not the same as judging a poetry slam; instead of judging the individual pieces in relation to the others in the set, you should be judging each piece compared to our entire channel.

If possible, try to limit your use of 10s.

Rating Criteria:
1-2: Inappropriate, offensive, wildly cliche/inexperienced, unlistenable performance, etc.
3-4: Bad/boring performance/not worth watching the whole thing, but not "unwatchable"
5-6: Perfectly fine, but not necessarily special
7-8: Good! Would be a good fit for the channel, likely to engage our audience, but not necessarily gonna "go viral". Think of these ratings as encompassing both incredible pieces that might not have the broadest audience, and really good pieces that should have a lot of reach.
9-10: Stellar in content, writing, performance and potential reach. Envision as top performer on channel, broad appeal. Innovative and original in its approach to its subject matter, tells a story we haven't heard or one we have but in a new way.

Once you have given a score to each of the 15 pieces, you are done! We will then begin reviewing your results. 

If you make the Curation Team, you will be expected to do about 1 hour of review every two weeks. That is, every two weeks you'll be delivered a batch of clips for curation. Batches range from 5 - 20 poems. You will be given a week from when the batch is first delivered to submit your scores, and then will have a rest week after that before the next batch goes out.

We will review results on a rolling basis, so there may be days/weeks between your test submission and the delivery of your results.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.